Case Hardening Steel

These products are made of high-grade raw material that ensures their durability, high tensile strength and corrosion resistance.

1. Case Hardening Steel (En36)
En36 is an alloy case hardening steel. Characteristics of the steel are toughness arising from the use of nickel and a more uniform hardness produced by the use of chromium.

Applications : Component with large cross section requiring high toughness & score strength such as gears, crane shafts & heavy duty gear shafts in aircrafts & truck construction & mechanical engineering.

2. Case Hardening Steel (En353)

Applications : Machining components Sizes : En353 is offered to our clients in Round Bars as per their desired lengths.

3. SAE – 8620 STEEL
SAE-8620 STEEL is a low alloy case hardening steel which is supplied to American standards SAE 8620 and AISI 8620.
8620 provides a combination of toughness and wear resistance.
8620 is supplied in either the as rolled or annealed condition.

Applications : Components of small cross section, requiring low tensile strength, as well as heavy forging in the normalized condition for automotive & general engineering such as axles, clutch shafts, presses & Punches Parts, Piston rods & gear rods.

4. Case Hardening Steel (20Mncr5)
Our clients can avail these in different features to meet their exact requirement.

Application : Gears, Gear shafts.

5. Case Hardening Steel (16mnCr5)
Case Hardening Steel (16mnCr5)Components when made in 16MNCR5 Round Bars and carburised have a core strength range of 430-490 N/mm2, with a hard wearing surface. We provide 16Mncr5 in Round Bars&Forged Bars.